No Earnest No Impression

Enjoy your job, or gain a sense of achievement and fulfilment to move yourself. The action required to acquire them is very simple. You just have to face your job earnestly because...

Don't choose what you like as a job

"Do what you like as a job" - we often hear this phrase, but this is not the right action. The truth is, "Like your job". Even successful people did not always like their jobs from the beginning.

Don't be a person who just knows it

Anybody can reach any information they want in this internet age. However you cannot learn technics from the information on the internet. Will you read books then? Maybe not. If you acquire some technics, then...

Make the world motivate yourself

What do you work for? To grow up yourself? To make money? For your parents? To raise your family? Everyone has their own situations. There is no right or wrong answer. So what is the situation to keep your motivation longer?

The effort is the biggest talent

You cannot say the effort always brings you success. Many people have failure experiences after a big effort. Not only passion and right thought help to make things go well. Right effort is what you need.

Thought x Passion

People's action is made by multiplication of two factors, "Thought" and "Passion". Negative outcome will be produced when positive "passion" is multiplied by negative "thought". What would you do?