Domestic and International Investment


For more handy and speedy EV charger. 200kW maximum output.

10 Fields Farm

Cultivate Shiitake mushroom in agricultural containers green house


Condominium type hotel with original furniture.


Real estate partner to make a rich life

Premium Solar

Industrial solar panel combining high quality, reliability and durability

Smart Solar System

Solar power generation capital investment system for industrial and business use

Solar Stage

Special mounting frames required to set up solar panels for ground mount


Wind power generation equipment, generate power efficiently.

Smart Wind Power

Wind power generation equipment using Fu-Jin with a land

Navigation for Installation of EV Charger

Offering an extensive lineup of EV chargers to choose from

Storage Battery

For emergency during disasters, for EV generation and for cutback on electricity bills

Contents for External Use

Office S

Rental Server, Safe and secure even for beginners

Web Plus

Web design for complete pay-per-success


From web flyer design in SNS to its practical use on a low budget

Hello Movie

Feel familiar to videos. For video creation on a low budget.

Goat Rental

Weeding service with goats


Deliver local products to local people