Future Outlook

Japan possesses remarkable services and technologies. However, the current economic environment does not fully leverage them.

No matter how advanced the technology or service, Japan is facing a declining population, resulting in fewer people to utilize these offerings domestically. However, there are numerous countries around the world that require such content.

What I feel when I travel abroad is that there are still many countries in need of Japanese content. In the Philippines, where Tenfields Factory has a local subsidiary, there may not be abundant financial resources or content. However, there are many individuals with strong determination to accomplish tasks. By introducing Japanese technology and content, we can assist them.

However, there is a language barrier. As long as this barrier exists, it is not easy for Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to expand overseas or for foreign companies to enter the Japanese market. While major companies may overcome this barrier, SMEs struggle to spread their wings globally. I wanted to change this situation.

10 fields Factory has expanded various businesses in the past, but this time, we aim to become a bridge between Japan and overseas, spreading high-quality Japanese content.

Furthermore, excellent services and technologies of SMEs are on the decline due to lack of sales knowledge or selling techniques.

Therefore, I plan to nurture entrepreneurs and support SMEs.

By dispatching managers who have grown as leaders in each business department, we will promote the services of SMEs worldwide.

Building a bridge between Japan and overseas. This is our vision for the future.

10 fields Factory Co., Ltd.




10 fields Factory Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Born on February 22, 1973.

From Hiroshima.

Graduated from Hiroshima University, Faculty of Economics.

Joined Ajinomoto Co., Inc. in 1995.

Decided to start a business after experiencing the excitement of business planning and management in university circles.

Initially aimed to learn about organizational structures and systems in major corporations before starting his own business, hence joined Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Worked in sales positions and resigned in May 2002.

Started a sole proprietorship providing sales agency services the following month, and ventured into rental server, food and beverage, and darts businesses, incorporating as a company in 2007.

Continued to expand into various other business domains thereafter.


“Abandon Your Main Business Now: Multifaceted Management for Surviving Post-COVID” (PHP Publishing) 2021