Media Division


●Create webpage service

We create a webpage with our originality and reasonable cost, you can save an initial fee and running fee at the same time.
Our policy to make a website not only reasonable cost but also effective page.

In addition, our web create plan includes to make own server and domein as free, fortunally, we have received many good words for this service.

Before or after create webpage, we support and consult with our client.

web create "WEB PLUS"

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●Rental server/ hosting service

Internet/web should be familier to everyone!
We rent a server for biginners!
We provide high-performance and easy service to make clinet life expectancy!


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●Self-Ordering System for food restaurant industry

Easy ordering service which is used for ordering in restaurant industry.
Easy order can be use for smartphone and tablet.

Easy Order



●Create Original T-shirts


You can order an original/ custom-made T-shirts. Please come visit to our website "original create"

We make and sell a T-shirt, a Polo Shirt, original printing goods to cheapest price.

We confirm small quantity for each order.

Original T-shirts website

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●Produce/ Publish free magazine

We have been isuued our drats channel magazine for a long time.
Our purpose to issue this magazine for not only advirtisement but also define a target.
We have been interviewed to pro-darts player, shooting, to invite darts tournament and so on.
We are very active in many fields.

Darts channel magazine

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KYOTO magazine

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